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Oh, the Places You'll Go - to Party!

My family are big fans of “The Cat in the Hat” and “The Lorax.” Although a party that focuses on just one of Dr. Seuss’ stories would be easy enough to do, there are so many good ones to choose from, so why not go with a general Dr. Seuss theme and incorporate multiple stories? These Dr. Seuss party ideas are absolutely adorable and pretty simple to craft. From “One Fish, Two Fish” to “Horton Hears a Who,” this party theme will take you and your guests all over Seussville…”Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

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Click on the links below for a list of supplies needed to create the decorations, activities, and party favors/bags I describe in this post.

Dr. Seuss Party Decorations

Large pieces of cardboard

Acrylic paints in various bright colors


Wooden directional sign

Orange, blue, black and yellow butcher paper

Pool noodles

Tissue poms

Old sheet or actual curtains

Printable Dr. Seuss book covers


Large box


Cotton balls or polyfil

Dr. Seuss hat (or materials to make your own)

Dr. Seuss Party Games & Activities

Red buckets

Cat's Hat printable

Small Cat in the Hat stuffed toy


Wire or other supportive material for the Gack's antlers

Thin plastic rings

Toilet paper rolls

Paints in various colors


Printable Gack

Large bucket

Printable fish


Sticks with string and magnet (fishing rods)

Red and white plastic cups

Red/white cardstock

"Truffula seeds" 

Small clay pots

Colorful boas


Small styrofoam balls

Pencils or thin dowels 

Fake grass to fill the pots

Styrofoam bricks to hold the trees up (place in pots)

Dr. Seuss Party Favors

Red and orange favor bags

Black permanent marker

Thing 1/Thing 2/Lorax printables

Glue stick

Additional materials for clay pots:

-Yellow yarn

-Googly eyes

-Small orange poms for nose

Party favors

Check Out These Party Decorations!


Dr. Seuss Party Decorations

Colorful Dr. Seuss Party Decorations

You simply can't deny Dr. Seuss' genius. He created and wrote about so many colorful characters, and each of his stories presented a moral that every child should know. It's hard to choose just one or two of those stories for a party theme! Below are some wonderfully colorful decorations to help you on your party design journey...


“Horton Hears a Who” is such a colorful film. The houses in Whoville are just one example. Creating these would be tons of fun, although you might need to buy a few appliances to find boxes big enough to make them stand up! The alternative would be to simply make them into wall decorations using white butcher paper and a projector. I imagine you could add enough bling and pizzazz to give them a more 3-dimensional look.  

Image credit: dreamarkevents.blogspot.com

To Here or There...

And checkout this adorable Seussville sign! The blank wooden signs you find at hobby shops would work perfectly for this decoration, or you could build one of your own.

Image credit: HWTM.com

The Lorax

The Lorax is a classic book for any kid who enjoys nature and playing outside…I certainly did! If you choose to focus specifically on The Lorax for your party theme, there are lots of other great decoration ideas online. My suggestion: hold your party outside in your backyard so everyone can truly see and feel the meaning behind the story. Nature is an awesome party planner!

This door decoration is made using orange bulletin board paper as a background for the Lorax’s face with a few truffula trees added to brighten up the scenery!

Image credit: Pinterest

Waiting for the Rain to Stop

This is a super cute wall decoration that would look great with the kids gazing out a real window. If you’re really adventurous, you could even draw their faces on the front side of the paper so they could be seen from outside the house.

Image credit: Pinterest

Dr. Seuss' Stories

Dr. Seuss wrote so many amazing kids books that it only seems right to put them all out there for your party guests to see. There are a handful of sites online that offer free downloads of the book covers, which would make great garland for a snack table. 

Image credit: southernbluecelebrations.blogspot.com

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Creating a photo booth that looks like a hot air balloon shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Sure!

Image credit: Pinterest

Save the Truffula Trees!

These are easy to construct using pool noodles, colored duct tape, and tissue paper, tulle or boa pom poms. 

Image credit: tangledwithteaching.blogspot.com

The Cat's Hat

The Cat in the Hat’s striped hat is a necessity for any Dr. Seuss party!

Image credit: karaspartyideas.com

Cool Party Game Supplies!


Dr. Seuss Party Games and Activities

Fun Dr. Seuss Party Activities

For a Dr. Seuss party, you can't go wrong with a carnival-style set of activities. 

Toss the Cat in the Hat

Why not start the fun with a rousing game of Toss the Cat in the Hat?! Note: I don't suggest using a real cat for this one. :) 

Image credit: catchmyparty.com

Ring the Gack

I'm not aware of any place that sells a stand-up cardboard Gack, but with a handy-dandy art tracing projector, you can create your own. Tip: if you plan to have the kids toss the rings onto the Gack's antlers, I suggest backing that particular part with wire or something similar to help the cardboard hold its shape.

Image credit: catchmyparty.com

Can You Catch One Fish, Two Fish...

A simple fishing game using handmade fishing rods with magnets on the end of the string, laminated fish (also with magnets), and a bucket - you could even put the laminated fish in a bucket of water. 

Image credit: heckfridays.blogspot.com

Cat in the Hat Cup Stacking Challenge

Who can stack the Cat's Hat the highest? All you need are red and white plastic cups, red cardstock (or white notecards), and a stopwatch to time the participants. The party-goer with the highest standing hat in the allotted time wins!  

Image credit: LittleBinsforLittleHands.com

Plant Your Own Truffula Tree

How cool would it be for your party-goers to take home their own baby Truffula tree?! Dr. Seuss is all about imagination and worthy causes - like conservation, which is the theme for The Lorax story. Since we don't really have Truffula trees, your guests will have to use their imaginations to help these Truffula seeds grow. My suggestion - have each guest "plant" a Truffula seed at the beginning of the party. While they're occupied with the other party activities, swap out their seeds for baby trees (real or imagined like in the photo on the right). Imagine their reactions when they go to the party favor table and find a baby Truffula tree waiting for them!

Image credit: redtri.com

Image credit: KoalaBash.com

Must-Have's for the Snack Table!


Dr. Seuss Party Food

Don't Forget the Green Eggs and Ham!

Honestly, I think you could get by with just about any kind of snack food for a Dr. Seuss themed party - as long as it's colorful! But here are a few special themed treats that are sure to get attention...

Decorative Containers and Centerpieces for the Tables...

There are so many great Dr. Seuss characters, but Thing 1, Thing 2 and the fish from Cat in the Hat are three of the best. And who doesn’t want to learn about all the places you’ll go?! These table decorations are simple and inexpensive to make.

Image credit: Pinterest

Image credit: Pinterest

Image credit: SpaceshipsandLaserBeams.com

Green Eggs and Ham

If you're serving food (of any kind) at your party, this one's a no-brainer. Time to dig out that green dye you only use once a year (i.e. Christmas).  

Image credit: PrettyMyParty.com

Image credit: EasyFamilyRecipeIdeas.com

Lorax Juice Dispenser

Finding just the right shape for this juice dispenser might be a bit challenging, but I imagine any dispenser would look extra cute with the Lorax's eyebrows and mustache!  

Image credit: SpaceshipsandLaserBeams.com

Cat in the Hat Cookies

These are so simple and yet so tasty! All you need are Oreo cookies (halved), and sliced strawberries and bananas to create these adorably yummy Cat in the Hat cookies. 

Image credit: MadetobeaMomma.com

Truffula Tree Treats

It's been a while since I've seen a recipe that included Trix cereal, but it works surprisingly well for these Truffula Tree Treats (say that 5X fast). Think Rice Krispie treats with Trix instead of Rice Krispies.

Image credit: TheSeasonedMom.com

Party Favor Bags & Goodies!


Dr. Seuss Party Invitations and Favors

One-of-a-Kind Dr. Seuss Party Invitations and DIY Favor Bags

You can really go crazy with these adorable Dr. Seuss invitations and party favor bags!

Printable Dr. Seuss Invitation

If you're looking for a simple front/back printable invitation you can fill out and send to school with your child, this is it. Visit my Party Shop (click on the image above) to download it now!

Image credit: DetailsPartyDesigns

Write Your Own Dr. Seuss Poem

There are a ton of examples of Dr. Seuss invitations like this on the internet. Why not write your own Seuss-like poem and incorporate it into an invitation for your party?!

Image credit: Pinterest

Your Invitation's in the Cat's Hat

This is absolutely adorable! Beth Kruse created this Dr. Seuss invitation for a friend. The blue invitation slides up into the hat which has a thin strip of paper taped to the back to hold the invitation in place. Functional and fun!

Image credit: bethkruse.blogspot.com

Dr. Seuss Party Favor Bags

These goody bags are adorable. Thing 1 and Thing 2, plus the Lorax…super cute and super easy to create! Now to figure out what goodies to put in them!  

Image credit: violetgardensfloral.blogspot.com

Candy and a Thank You

You'll earn major mom credit for sending your party-goers home with this cute bag of red, white and blue candy as a thank you for attending the party! 

Image credit: Pinterest

Lorax Clay Pots 

Here's another idea for your take-home Truffula trees - add the Lorax's eyes, nose and mustache to the pot! 

Image credit: LifeCreativelyOrganized.com

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