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Holy Birthday Parties, Batman!

My friend, Jennifer, designed this party last year for her 3-year old son who just happens to be a huge Batman fan. He’s such a big fan that when Jennifer asked him what kind of birthday party he would like to have this year, his reply was “A Batman party!” She has since convinced him to go with “How to Train Your Dragon.“

So, how do you turn your living room and kitchen into the Bat Cave, you ask? A little creativity, lots of black and yellow paper, an appliance box, and some (Bat) snacks…

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Click on the links below for a list of supplies needed to create the decorations, invitations, and party favors/bags I describe in this post.

Batman Party Decorations

Blue, black and yellow wrapping paper

Black and yellow butcher paper

Appliance box

Black spray paint

Silver and black acrylic paint

Small boxes

Black cardstock

Wooden embroidery hoops (3 sizes)

Fishing line

Batman wooden sign (from a hobby shop or make your own)

Batman Party Invitations

Black and yellow cardstock

Batman symbol template


Printable invitation (see my Party Shop)

Batman Party Favors

Black favor bags

Black and yellow cardstock

Batman keychains

Yellow felt

Fabric markers

Black and yellow kids size t-shirts

Batman, Batgirl, and Robin insignia - printed on cardstock

Party favors

Check Out These Party Decorations!

Batman Party Decorations

Holy Party Decorations, Batman!

When the party guests first arrived, everything was perfectly normal in Gotham. Later, after each guest had decorated their Batman utility belts (see Party Favors section), they discovered the bat signal had appeared…and that’s when they sprang into action…just like Batman!! Enjoy these fun, Batman party decorations...

Gotham at Night

There are plenty of different ways to make a backdrop like this one. Jennifer used dark blue and black wrapping paper to create hers, which made the whole thing pretty light and easy to take down and store after the party. 

Image credit: Ron Jones

Arkham Asylum

The kids had a great time making goofy prison faces inside Arkham Asylum, which was actually a re-purposed appliance box painted black. My son, however, took his prison time very seriously, as you can see by the solemn look on his face!

Image credit: Ron Jones

Gotham Cityscape

A few small boxes wrapped in black paper, and you’re well on your way to creating your own Gotham cityscape. Throw in a few Batman toys to complete the look (who doesn’t have a dozen or so of those lying around?).

Image credit: Ron Jones


Simple paper bats folded in the center and displayed on a wall or your front door can really set the scene for your child’s Batman party.  

Image credit: MadeEveryday.com

Batman's Utility Belt

This decoration is simple to construct and adds that extra touch to your craft and/or snack table.

Image credit: CatchMyParty.com

The Bat Signal

This lighted sign was easier to make than one might think. I purchased the wooden sign on sale at a local hobby shop and then added a strand of Christmas lights to the back. It worked great for our Batman and Super Hero (Justice League) parties!  

Image credit: DetailsPartyDesigns

Bat Chandelier

This awesome chandelier idea would be great for a Batman, Super Hero, Halloween, or Vampire party. It’s super easy to make…all you need are 3 wooden embroidery hoops, some black paint, black paper bats, and fishing line to tie it all together.

Image credit: ADiamondInTheStuff.com

Cool Party Game Supplies!


Scooby Doo Party Games and Activities

Awesome Scooby Doo Party Games and Activities

My friend Jennifer spent a lot of time (and probably watched a few Scooby Doo episodes) designing the activities for her daughter's party. Check out the photos below to see how everything turned out (I'll give you a hint - it wasn't good for the villain)!

A Scooby Doo Mystery to Solve

Every good Scooby Doo party needs a villain to steal the birthday cake, right?! Well, that’s what happened at this party! 

Image credit: chicaandjo.com

Image credit: Ron Jones

Scooby Clues!

Luckily for the junior sleuths, the villain left footprints and Scooby clues to follow. It didn’t take long for the party guests to find the clues and unravel the location of the missing cake.

Image credit: Ron Jones

To Catch a Villain...

Needless to say, things did not go well for the creepy villain in this episode of “Scooby Doo, Where are You?” You may not want the silly string mess, but I can personally attest to the level of extreme joy the kids experienced during this activity…especially when they discovered it was the birthday girl’s dad under the villain’s cloak! 

Image credit: Ron Jones

The Perfect Disguise

Who doesn't need a good villain mask these days? The kiddos at this party enjoyed coloring and designing villain masks they thought would be Scooby Doo worthy. We provided the masks, markers, stickers, glitter, and other odds and ends for the decoration process.  

Image credit: Ron Jones

Mystery Machine Photo Booth

This would likely be the most time consuming decoration for this party theme...but seriously, who can pass up a Mystery Machine photo booth?!

Scooby Doo Escape Room Game

I've seen several good reviews for this game, so if you have a small group of party goers, you might want to check it out! Or maybe try your hand at making your own escape room activity - there are tons of free resources online that can help.

Image credit: DadSuggests.com

Must-Have's for the Snack Table!

Batman Party Food

Even Batman Needs to Break for Snacks!

There are tons of great Batman snack ideas online. Here are just a few Jennifer came up with for her son's party - the kids loved the snack names, by the way!

Bat Snacks, Anyone?

For her son's birthday party, Jennifer prepared Catwoman Claws, Penguin Food (goldfish crackers), Snack-arangs (sliced cheese cut into bat symbol shapes), Poison Ivy’s Vegetable Garden, and Joker Juice.

Image credit: Ron Jones

Image credit: Ron Jones

Two-Face Pretzels

These look awesome, but that would take a bit of work, for sure. Now that's dedication!  

Image credit: HalloweenAlley.ca

Batman Sweet Treats

I wonder who had to pick out all the yellow M&M's? Two of my favorite things on this cake - Twix and M&M's. 

And who doesn't love a powdered sugar-dusted "Bat Brownie?"

Image credit: Pinterest

Image credit: MimisDollhouse.com

Party Favor Bags & Goodies!

Batman Party Invitations and Favors

One-of-a-Kind Batman Party Invitations and DIY Favor Bags

Check out these awesome Batman party invitations and favors. The nice thing about a Batman-themed party is the simple design - it doesn't take a lot of time or money to throw a creative party - just a good supply of black and yellow paper!

Bat Mobile Invitation

You can find this fun, two-piece invitation in my Party Shop. Designed by yours truly, it's a unique way to invite your child's friends to the most awesome party of the year (of course). Whenever I design a party invitation, I'm always thinking how it will look stuck to a refrigerator door - this one will look pretty cool, I imagine!

Image credit: DetailsPartyDesigns

Bat Invitation

This is a really simple design that won't take long to craft. Begin with a bat shape cut out of black cardstock, and then design and print the invitation info. Use scrapbooking adhesive squares or dots to secure the inserts and then fold the wings. Easy peasy!

Image credit: Pinterest

Batman Invite and Envelope

I love decorative, themed envelopes, and this one is really cool. Unfortunately, all I could find was this one photo on Pinterest, but I imagine the card on the inside would be easy enough to design.

Image credit: Pinterest

Batman Party Favor Bags

These Batman party favor bags have a hidden secret - the Batman symbol on the front is actually a keychain. Such a cute idea!  

Image credit: Ron Jones

Batman Utility Belt Favors

While waiting for everyone to arrive, party guests enjoyed designing their own utility belts made from yellow felt.  

Image credit: Ron Jones

Batman Capes

Why not buy a handful of black and yellow kids t-shirts (craft/fabric stores sell them pretty cheap) and create Batman, Batgirl, and Robin capes as party favors! 

Image credit: ChicaandJo.com

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