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Creative Minecraft Party Ideas

Ok, Minecraft fans! Creative…or Survival? I say both! These Minecraft party ideas are certainly creative; and yes, I did manage to survive the experience of designing a party for my daughter’s 8th birthday around a theme I knew literally nothing about! So, there you go…it can be done.

Because this was a summer party, much of the action happened outside. The main event was a Minecraft Quest that involved mining diamonds, traversing lava, and avoiding capture by our two resident “Creepers” (a couple of dads that enjoyed scaring the children way too much!).

This party was pretty hastily put together (even though I hate to admit it), but it worked out great in the end. Believe me, I nether…sorry, never…thought I’d be designing a Minecraft party, but here it is! I hope some of these ideas inspire you in your own Minecraft quest…

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Click on the links below for a list of supplies needed to create the decorations, activities, and party favors/bags I describe in this post.

Minecraft Party Decorations

Green plastic tablecloth

Black posterboard

Black balloon and streamers

Small, square paper plates in 4 colors: black and 3 different shades of green

Masking tape

Small, square cardboard boxes

Red wrapping paper

2 shades of purple streamers

White butcher paper

White tissue paper and streamers

White static cling sheets (for windows)

Cardboard sized appropriately for swords

Minecraft Party Games & Activities

Perler beads in various colors and Minecraft character designs

Large planters filled with loose soil

Plastic "diamonds"

Infant swimming pool filled with water

Toy fishing rods and plastic fish

Plastic toy vegetables

Roll of red plastic tablecloth material

Several sheets of white or grey foam (for stepping stones)

Creeper masks

Silly string


Minecraft Party Favors

White, green, red, pink, and black favor bags

Black permanent marker

Toilet paper rolls

Red tissue paper

Tape or glue


Candy or other favors

Check Out These Party Decorations!


Minecraft Party Decorations

Perfectly Pixelated Minecraft Party Decorations

These Minecraft party decorations were surprisingly simple to DIY. For a list of supplies I used to make them, click on the link above that says "Minecraft Party Decorations."

Jeepers Creepers!

This enormous creeper face greeted our party-goers as they arrived. It’s made using one of those disposable, thin green plastic tablecloths (which happen to be quite translucent) and a piece of black posterboard. 

Image credit: CatchMyParty.com

The Enderman Keeps Watch

A surprisingly simple Enderman…all you need is a black balloon and some black streamers. Add a couple of purple eyes to the balloon, and you’re all set! This creepy guy works best in a corner. We put him above our snack table, which made the kids a little more wary of taking too many TNT bundles (Twizzlers)!

Image credit: PrettyMyParty.com

"I sure hope that Creeper doesn't explode!"

What a mess that would be, huh?! In case you’re not aware (because I wasn’t), creepers do that…explode…and it’s messy.

This creeper, however, did not explode and was quite simple to put together. In fact, finding various colors of square plates was more difficult than actually constructing the decoration! We used masking tape to adhere the plates to the wall. This made removing them much easier on the wall (and less stressful on me).

Image credit: decoor.net

Watch Out for That TNT!

The TNT boxes were wrapped in red paper with TNT labels added to complete the effect. This party occurred at a time when helium was at a premium, so I chose to put balloons on sticks and have them bursting out of the TNT boxes (rather than pay the extra cost for the helium). The idea worked out quite nicely.

Image credit: SouthernLiving.com

Enter at Your Own Risk!

What's a Minecraft party without a Nether Portal?! Purple streamers and a warning sign above make the perfect addition to your party decorations. 

Image credit: JeniRoDesigns.com

Don't Forget the Ghast!

All you need to construct these sad Minecraft Ghasts is a couple boxes, some white and black wrapping paper, and white streamers. If you go the paper mache route, you could make these into pinatas for one final activity before everyone heads home after a long day of battling Creepers and eating cupcakes.

Image credit: MinecraftXL.com

Minecraft Torches

FYI - you can buy actual Minecraft torches (they're about $20 each on Amazon) that light up like the real thing, but I think making them would be much more fun. Add a battery-operated tea light candle in the top part of the torch, and you've got an inexpensive, handmade decoration for your Minecraft party.

Image credit: MinecraftXL.com

DIY Minecraft Swords

These make awesome decorations and can also serve as party favors. Imagine the joy on your party-goers' faces when you tell them they can take home their very own Minecraft sword.

Image credit: Twitchetts.com

A Rainy Day in Minecraft

As simple as this looks, it's probably not that easy to actually DIY, but I imagine you could find pre-made stickers that would do the trick. If not, buy some white, reusable static cling sheets (they're used as window block-outs) from Amazon or your local hardware store, and prepare to spend some time cutting out tiny squares and rectangles!

Image credit: LadyandtheBlog.com

Cool Party Game Supplies!


Minecraft Party Games and Activities

Awesome Minecraft Party Games and Activities

As you can imagine, no Minecraft-themed party would be complete without a Minecraft adventure! Surprisingly, the Minecraft scavenger hunt I came up with was pretty simple and didn't require me diving into the actual world of Minecraft (i.e. playing the game) for information and/or ideas. I got most of that simply by asking my kiddos! 

Crafting Minecraft Characters

To start things off, the kids enjoyed making their own Minecraft characters out of perler beads as an activity at the beginning of the party (while we were waiting for all the guests to arrive). When it comes to kids this age, you can’t go wrong with perler beads!  

Image credit: Ron Jones

Image credit: Ron Jones

Minecraft Quest

I wanted the kids to have a true Minecraft experience, so I developed my own Minecraft Quest. It began with some diamond mining and fishing, followed by a walk across a bed of hot lava in which the kids had to carefully place stones on top of the lava to make their way safely across to the other side. After the harrowing escape from the lava, they encountered two very agitated Creepers armed with silly string.

Image credit: Ron Jones

The Raging River...

A dozen mad dashes later, and they came to the final leg of their quest…our slip-n-slide, which represented a raging river they had to traverse (very quickly in most cases) to complete the quest. A few props and a little imagination made for a super-fun Minecraft adventure! 

Image credit: Ron Jones

Must-Have's for the Snack Table!


Minecraft Party Food

Snacks Fit for a Creeper (and Party Guests, too)!

Coming up with Minecraft-themed snack ideas was not the challenge I thought it would be. In fact, there were so many cute ideas, I had to force myself to stop before the snack table overflowed! Below are some of my favorites...

Edible TNT?

These food labels were constructed from perler bead patterns I found online. The TNT bundles were my favorite!

We also had trapdoors (square pretzels), carrots, red-stone (strawberries), and melons (watermelon).

Image credit: Ron Jones

Image credit: DetailsPartyDesigns

Creeper Pizza

This looks so good I might consider not eating it; but then again, it is pizza, so I doubt the kids would have a problem with that. This homemade pizza with perfectly trimmed pepperoni creates a tasty Creeper face.  I imagine you could incorporate some of the other Minecraft characters as well. 

Image credit: FrugalFamilyTimes.com

Little Piggies in a Blanket

More Minecraft fun with "pigs in a blanket" (hotdogs wrapped in croissants) and lava juice. 

Image credit: DetailsPartyDesigns

Image credit: Ron Jones

Minecraft Cake

The bakery in our local grocery store came up with this cake after I showed them a picture I found online. The only things we had to add were the Minecraft animals and the blue jello (to represent water). They did everything else. We’ve used them for every birthday cake since with similar results!  

Image credit: Ron Jones

Edible Torches

Tasty torches -  a.k.a. pretzel sticks dipped in white candy melts. Top it off with orange and yellow sugar sprinkles for the complete look (and great taste).

Image credit: FabEveryday.com

Homemade Creeper Chocolate Candy

Chocolate works for any party regardless of the theme, but FrugalFamilyTimes did a great job making this chocolate extra special!

Image credit: FrugalFamilyTimes.com

Party Favor Bags & Goodies!


Minecraft Party Invitations and Favors

One-of-a-Kind Minecraft Party Invitations and DIY Favor Bags

Luckily, many of the characters and props in the Minecraft world are pretty easy to replicate - which means you don't have to be a world-renowned artist to craft your own Minecraft invitations and party favor bags.

Minecraft Invitation

If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, these cards would be super easy to construct. And what a cute design idea!

Image credit: Pinterest

Creeper Invitation

This card would take a bit more time and planning to create, but it could be converted into a party invitation.

Image credit: mystampinhaven.com.au

Minecraft Game Invitation

For more of a gamer approach, go with a design similar to this one. The cut out with the creeper in the background is super cute!  

Image credit: nursiebethsbeauties.blogspot.com

Minecraft TNT Party Favors

Toilet paper rolls (easy to collect in advance), tissue paper, a TNT label, and a little glue or tape, and you've got yourself a unique Minecraft party favor bag!  

Image credit: FrogPrincePaperie.com

Perler Bead Minecraft Keychains

Why not turn your party-goers' perler bead creations into simple keychains? These make great party favors! 

Image credit: Pinterest

Minecraft Character Party Favor Bags

If you're like me and frequently save the party favor bags til the last minute, you'll want to go with something simple like these. 

Image credit: CatchMyParty.com

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