Party Decoration Rentals

The party planners at Details Party Designs truly enjoy crafting our own decorations for birthday and holiday parties each year, but we recognize that not everyone is as crazy as we are! All monkey business aside, we know just how much time and money (so much time and money) is required to plan that perfect, one-of-a-kind party for your little monkey(s).

Never fear, fellow party planner! We're here to help.

Instead of spending all that time and money, why not rent the party decorations? Do you really see yourself using them again? We didn't, which is how this idea was born. We've got all these great hand-made decorations...why not share them so others can have amazing themed parties too? We're not talking about a normal party, either. We're talking about one of those parties the kids are telling their friends about at school on Monday morning. Don't believe us? Check out our party blog!

Hogwart's Acceptance Letter - Harry PotterHere at Details Party Designs, we're very...well, detail-oriented. It's in our blood. If you want a party that results in comments like:

"Oh, my gosh, the letters are even addressed to Harry!"

...then drop us a line.

With our party decoration rental service, you'll receive a themed "party in a box" delivered right to your doorstep. We'll even stick around to set everything up for you (additional fee applies). Following your party, we'll be ringing your doorbell again, ready to help take everything down and stuff it all back in the box. 

Prior to your event, we'll chat with you to see if you need any additional ideas for your party: food/snacks, games/activities, or even goody bags (A-la-Carte Party Planning pricing can be found here). We'll also provide any necessary instructions for the party decorations. 

"That's kind of a cool idea...but how many millions will it cost me," you ask?

Well, no millions, actually...but we do charge a modest rental fee ranging from $50-$100 per event, depending on the number and complexity of the decorations. Think about the last party you much did everything cost you? Don't forget to include the time it took you to set everything up before the party and tear it all down afterwards. Go ahead, take a moment...we'll wait.

That's what we thought...a pretty penny, right? Now compare it to our rental fees. With Details Party Designs, you really only have to think about party food and activities, and we can provide you with ideas for both of those too!

We service Columbia (Missouri), Jefferson City (Missouri), and all surrounding counties. Any event located more than 25 miles from either city requires an additional travel fee based on mileage.

So, now you're thinking, "Well, that's not too bad, but what themes do you offer?"

The answer to that question is pretty easy as well...just about anything you can dream up! We prefer to plan birthday or holiday parties, but are not opposed to helping out with the occasional themed wedding. I mean, seriously, how could we resist a Harry Potter wedding!?

Here are just a few of the themes we have available and ready to rent:

All Ages Themes

Themes Under Development

Adult Themes Coming Soon!

If you don't see your theme, contact us and let us know what you're looking for. For new themes, we absolutely require a minimum of 6 weeks notice to make sure we do it right! For listed themes, we ask for 3-4 weeks notice. This will help ensure we can accommodate your preferred party date. Pricing for complete party decoration rental packages can be found here.