How to Train Your Dragon to Party!

So, Jennifer had to do some major convincing this year when it came to her son's party theme. He's a big fan of Batman and wanted to repeat that theme again (yep, that was his theme for last year's party). He finally agreed to go with a "How to Train Your Dragon" theme. Whew!

Luckily, all the kids are huge fans of the movies and series, so needless to say, they were super excited about this party! Jennifer even made her son his very own Hiccup costume (minus the peg leg), which he wore with pride. Well...except for the Viking hat; it kept falling off. No worries, though...the Viking hat ended up on one of the Toothless stuffies instead.

The party was a great success! The kiddos really enjoyed all the dragon training games and activities. Check out some of the highlights below...

Hiccup Costume
Viking Ship Table Decoration

A Viking Ship in your Dining Room

A little cardboard, a cool design, and a Sharpie marker is all you need for this table decoration. I've seen some that were painted as well, but the plain cardboard works too. Add 3 or 4 of the shields from the "How to Train Your Dragon" party decoration packet (there's a link to Amazon below), and you'll have plenty of color. The flag can be customized with a birthday banner as well.

Viking Shields

These can be created using cardboard or plastic platters from your local party supply store. Rather than painting them, I would suggest using felt to add a slight 3-D effect.

Dragon Training Door Decoration

Warning: Dragons Ahead!

Our front door sign was drawn by hand on scrapbook paper, but in the future I'd like to include the warning sign as well. Something similar can probably be put together using Powerpoint (my go-to for banner and sign designs) and then converted into a PDF, printed and laminated.

Dragon Training Arena Gate
Dragon Training Party Decoration

Dragon Training Arena

You can see a couple of different versions of the dragon training arena gate above. The basic difference is shiny vs. normal duct tape. Our design can be hung on a tension rod, so it adjusts to most doorways.


What would a good "How to Train Your Dragon" party be without some life-size (almost) sheep for the Vikings to tend? Poly-fil and a piece of black posterboard (with wiggly eyes) is all you need for this cute decoration.

How to Train Your Dragon - Shield Decorations

Dragon Symbols

These dragon symbol shields were part of a "How to Train Your Dragon" party decoration package we bought on Amazon (link below). If you can't tell, they're actually quite large. We're also working on a handmade birthday banner.

How to Train Your Dragon Characters

Heart of a Chief...Soul of a Dragon

Jennifer found these signs for each character from the movie. Very inspirational for young dragon trainers!

Toothless Party Decoration
Barf and Belch Party Decoration

The Dragons

The "How to Train Your Dragon" party decoration package we bought included hanging decorations for all 5 dragons. If you hang these, I highly suggest laminating them as their wings are quite large and tend to bend downward considerably.

Toothless and Hiccup

The First Touch

This is one of our favorite scenes in the movie and looks great as a wall decoration. We're also considering adding a life-size, or nearly so, Toothless (on black paper) to this party decoration package.

Toothless Goody Bags

Toothless Goody Bags

Hopefully you can see the tail on the back of the bag on the left. These bags are adorable and easy to put together! Jennifer added a handmade "Book of Dragons" notebook, a dragon egg with a baby dragon inside, and a "catapult" made from craft sticks, a spoon and rubber bands. 

How to Train Your Dragon Party Food

Dragon Snacks

Our snack menu included dragon fireballs (cheese puffs), dragon food (goldfish crackers), dragon poop (whole pitted black olives), and veggies from the "Gardens of Berk." 

Viking Party Food

Sailing Right into Their Mouths...

Here are a couple additional ideas if you were planning to serve a full meal at your "How to Train Your Dragon" party. Hot dogs and party sandwiches are always popular party food, and the sails and oars would be easy to add.

How to Train Your Dragon Party Activity
Viking Shield Party Craft

The First Thing Every Viking Needs? A Shield!

The most important piece of equipment for every Viking is a shield. Party guests enjoyed designing their own shields as part of their dragon training experience. 

The shields were made from cardboard bases used for cakes (12 inches) which Jennifer purchased at a local party shop. One side was white for coloring and stickers and other such decorations. The other side was covered with wood print scrapbook paper, and a duct tape handle was added.  

How to Train Your Dragon - Dragon Racing
Sheep Toss - How to Train Your Dragon

Dragon Racing

If you recall from the second movie, dragon racing is pretty popular on Berk. Part of the race includes catching and collecting sheep. Our sheep were made using small foam balls, fluffy white yarn, and black paper with wiggly eyes for the face.

How to Train Your Dragon Party Game
Dragon Party Game

The Dragon Hunters are Attacking!

After our dragon training activities, our young Vikings were prepared to have some cake and ice cream. But alas, their plans were thwarted by some nasty dragon hunters! They used craft stick catapults to fight off the hunters. It was tons of fun! 

Need some help from the Dragon Riders?

If you'd like some help planning your dragon-themed party, look no further! If you live in central Missouri, we offer a party decoration rental service. The Dragons package rents for $50 for 24 hours. We will assist with set-up for an additional fee. If you're looking for something more all-encompassing, we can create a complete party package for you as well, including a party menu with recipes, supply lists, activities/games, custom goody bags, etc. Just contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

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