Holy Birthday Parties, Batman!

My business partner, Jennifer, designed this party last year for her 3-year old son who just happens to be a huge Batman fan. He's such a big fan that when Jennifer asked him what kind of birthday party he would like to have this year, his reply was "Batman!" She has since convinced him to go with "How to Train Your Dragon.

So, how do you turn your living room and kitchen into the Bat Cave, you ask? A little creativity, lots of black and yellow paper, an appliance box, and some (Bat) snacks...

Batman Birthday Party
Gotham Backdrop - Batman Party

Gotham at Night

There are plenty of different ways to make a backdrop like this one. Jennifer used dark blue and black wrapping paper to create hers, which made the whole thing pretty light and easy to take down and store after the party.

When the kids first arrived, everything was perfectly normal in Gotham. Later, after each guest had decorated their Batman utility belts, they discovered the bat signal had appeared...and that's when they sprang into action...just like Batman!

Batman Party Decoration and Goody Bags

Gotham Cityscape

A few small boxes wrapped in black paper, and you're well on your way to creating your own Gotham cityscape. 

Throw in a few Batman toys to complete the look (who doesn't have a dozen or so of those lying around?).

The bat symbol on the goody bags was actually a keychain the kids could keep after the party. Cute idea!

Batman Party Activity
Batman Party Activity - Utility Belt Craft

"I'm Batman!"

For a fun activity, try providing your guests with a yellow felt "utility belt" they can decorate and wear...just like Batman!

Arkham Asylum Photo Booth
Arkham Asylum Photo Booth

Arkham Asylum

The kids had a great time making goofy prison faces inside Arkham Asylum!

Holy Utility Belts, Batman!

This decoration is simple to construct and adds that extra touch to your craft and/or snack table.


Simple paper bats folded in the center and displayed on a wall or your front door can really set the scene for your child's Batman party. 

Batman Symbol Sign

The Bat Signal!

This lighted sign was easier to make than one might think. I purchased the wooden sign on sale at a local hobby shop and then added a strand of Christmas lights to the back. It worked great for our Batman and Super Hero (Justice League) parties!

Batman Party Food

Bat Snacks, Anyone?

The internet has tons of cute ideas for Batman-related snacks. Jennifer prepared Catwoman Claws, Penguin Food (goldfish crackers), Snack-arangs (sliced cheese cut into bat symbol shapes), Poison Ivy's Vegetable Garden, and Joker Juice.

Batman Party Capes

Super Capes!

For added fun, why not provide your guests with Batman and Batgirl capes made from t-shirts (just cut off the front of the shirt and the sleeves, but leave the collar).

Bat Chandelier

This awesome chandelier idea would be great for a Batman, Super Hero, Halloween, or Vampire party. It's super easy to make...all you need are 3 wooden embroidery hoops, some black paint, black paper bats, and fishing line to tie it all together. 

Thinking about turning on the bat signal?

If you're looking for some help with your own Batman party, don't worry. You don't need the bat signal...just give us a buzz. If you live in central Missouri, we offer a party decoration rental service. The Batman package rents for $50 for 24 hours. Set-up requires an additional fee, but we will assist with tear down at no extra cost. If you'd like something more all-encompassing, we can create a complete party package for you as well, including a party menu with recipes, supply lists, activities/games, custom goody bags, etc. Just contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

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