Creative Minecraft Party Ideas

Ok, Minecraft fans! Creative...or Survival? I say both! These Minecraft party ideas are certainly creative; and yes, I did manage to survive the experience of designing a party for my daughter's 8th birthday around a theme I knew literally nothing about! So, there you can be done.

Because this was a summer party, much of the action happened outside. The main event was a Minecraft Quest that involved mining diamonds, traversing lava, and avoiding capture by our two resident "Creepers" (a couple of dads that enjoyed scaring the children way too much!). 

This party was pretty hastily put together (even though I hate to admit it), but it worked out great in the end. Believe me, I nether...sorry, never...thought I'd be designing a Minecraft party, but here it is! I hope some of these ideas inspire you in your own Minecraft quest...

Minecraft party ideas
Minecraft Creeper Door Decoration

Jeepers Creepers!

This enormous Creeper face greeted our party-goers. It's made using one of those thin, green tablecloths (which happen to be quite translucent) and a piece of black posterboard. 

Minecraft Creeper Party Decoration

Jeez, I hope that Creeper doesn't explode!

What a mess that would be, huh?! In case you're not aware (because I wasn't), Creepers do that...explode...and it's messy.

This creeper, however, did not explode and was quite simple to put together. In fact, finding various colors of square plates was more difficult than actually constructing the decoration! We used masking tape to adhere the plates to the wall. This made removing them much easier on the wall (and less stressful on me).

Minecraft Party Food Labels

TNT, Trapdoors, and Other Such Tasty Treats!

These food labels were constructed from perler bead patterns I found online. The TNT bundles were my favorite!

We also had trapdoors (square pretzels), carrots, red-stone (strawberries), melons (watermelon), pigs in a blanket (hotdogs wrapped in croissants), and lava juice.

The kids enjoyed making their own Minecraft characters out of perler beads as an activity during the party as well. When it comes to kids this age, you can't go wrong with perler beads! 

Minecraft Enderman Party Decoration

The Enderman Keeps Watch

A surprisingly simple Enderman...all you need is a black balloon and some black streamers. Add a couple of purple eyes to the balloon, and you're all set!

This creepy guy works best in a corner. We put him above our snack table...the kids were a little wary of taking too many TNT bundles (Twizzlers)!

Minecraft TNT Party Decoration

Watch Out for that TNT!

The TNT boxes were wrapped in red paper with TNT labels added to complete the effect. This party occurred at a time when helium was at a premium, so I chose to put balloons on sticks and have them bursting out of the TNT boxes (rather than pay the extra cost for the helium). The idea worked out quite nicely.

Minecraft Cake

Awesome Cake!

The bakery in our local grocery store came up with this cake after I showed them a picture I found online. The only thing we had to add was the Minecraft animals and the blue jello (to represent water). They did everything else. We've used them for every birthday cake since with similar results!

Minecraft Quest - Party Activity

Minecraft Quest

I wanted the kids to have a true Minecraft experience, so I developed my own Minecraft Quest (scavenger hunt). It began with some diamond mining and fishing, followed by a walk across a bed of hot lava in which the kids had to carefully place stones on top of the lava to make their way safely across to the other side. After the harrowing escape from the lava, they encountered two very agitated Creepers armed with silly string. A dozen mad dashes later, and they came to the final leg of their quest...our slip-n-slide, which represented a raging river they had to traverse (very quickly in most cases) to complete the quest. 

A few props and a lot of imagination made for a super-fun Minecraft activity for the kids (and the adults)!

Minecraft Quest - Party Activity

Need Some Help?

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